First two Kutis 

High Road, Pwe Gauk Village, Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar (Burma)

First two Kutis

The first two Kutis of Kalama Tawya Center (KTC) in Pyin Oo Lwin are 15x15m and 12x12m in dimension. Each of them has four rooms separated by dividers. Each room has its own shower cabine and toilet.

Based on the training spirit of "Letting Go" and with financial constrain, the main criteria for building KTC are cleanliness, compact and convenience. At first glance, some may see this as comfort seeking but in reality this is the minimum necessity for meditation practitioners who come from Asian and Western countries. During the practice we only need such basic requirements. Those who are accustomed to comfortable living will not see it as substandard. And those with basic living will not see it as excessive.

During the contruction of KTC we will maintain this spirit, trying to avoid under or oversupply anything; as the ideal way of life, the "Middle Path".

Kalama Tawya Center


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First two Kutis


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